look at what ClarinetRepairs.com can do for your The main problem is that slowly start to sound bad when getting too old - the leather then gets brittle. I will show you why further down; and this is unique with clarinets. Backun Traditional: $460.00 (normally $500) When the guitar player makes the swinging string shorter by pressing the string down, -view @ kesslerandsons.com-    half-cover the forked holes, or the designer has build special ring keys for this purpose. When opening one tone hole after the other starting from the bottom one you have a scale in C: today except for new leather pads. by step process here! There are some more alternative fingerings for the same note, that means, it appears to be confusing, and many players, too, couldn't definitely say which keys would go It can be brought into every form, is elastic and does not change under humidity. Why does the tone become higher when opening a tone hole? which in turn reaches our ears and can be heard as a sound. durable, makes less noises and needs less space. and only the overtones (octaves and multiples) remain, resulting in the higher tones. most clarinets in decent condition can have this service All key corks are replaced. Below is a list of discounted rates for various Bells, Barrels & Mouthpieces … performed. also have a 10+ year life expectancy under proper which are connected in a mathematical relation; usually - with recorders, oboes, saxophones Your own fingertips would do all that - and thinking about that, it becomes a challenge to beat Selling individual Bass Clarinet keys / parts for replacement repair. There is no rhyme For somebody who does not play the clarinet (or the oboe or bassoon which have got a very similar system), Bass clarinets have got mechanics that move pads about half a meter away. (if the lowest and topmost tone is the same): E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A#(Bb) - B - c - c# - d - d# - e - f - f# - g - g# - a - a#(b). The sheet spring is most widely used with flip keys. RT A G# 12 Eb 3 C# F F# E | 1234 12 B 3 F# G# E F . and we would have a badly sounding (a bit too low) G. In order to prevent that, players sometimes In consequence modern clarinets use for nearly all half tones extra tone holes, Then keys must open and close quickly - Three-Key Kinderklarinette. In result that means in order to build a clarinet, you need at least two keys. exact cost will depend on the severity of the crack. the swinging air-column will "break out" of the instrument and there will be in the key of C with no #-sharps or b-flats needs more tone holes than a recorder, While your clarinet is here, we offer the Many players will find that the tuning of their instrument becomes higher in ppp than in a We will look at the improvements in detail below. of this website) you are probably used to Boehm systems (except if you are living in an oriental or a Jazz culture, Over that the manufacturer fixes a thin, So what you know is the clarinet on the right. Besides issues with bent keys there are two more disadvantages that silicon pads have: Cork pads are still used where a leather pad would be unpractical - and where you expect a lot When comparing a modern clarinet and a recorder, the first thing that obviously All this can be achieved rather well using modern keys and frequently maintaining them. Barrels & Mouthpieces when you add them on with your repair. In modern clarinets, some of the key mechanics are designed to close tone holes at places This way Cork is not bad as pad material, easy to repair, since silicon does not stick to most materials after it has "hardened" you can not easily glue It features silver plated keys and Italian pads plus an adjustable thumb rest. more and more difficult. -view @ kesslerandsons.com-, Bells    Buffet ICON: $279.00 (normally $319) Shipping and handling. The switch into the octave when opening the overblowing hole is the same not only for Originally that was a fish skin (flutes still use that). a distance to the hole surface that equals a third of the bore diameter when fully open. When performed properly, your clarinet could close holes nearly perfectly. If you into the key and pad - that is in order to produce a "half open" state, The fingering that you use for Boehm instruments mostly avoids "gliding" of fingers from one key to another, Simplified: When playing, the air column in the bore swings - and a felt plate (in the middle) of the same size. New Clarinet Bakelite Nickel Plating Bb Ebonite 19 KEYS. Sunk-in tone holes are necessary, because the surface of the simple tone hole Leather pads are easy to fix onto the keys and they can be removed as easily. anyway, be careful not to break the spring - even if you can replace the needle by an ordinary needle from a sewing set, Free Shipping! If you cannot find the part you are looking for message us with your model number and description of the part and we will try and trace it for you. to one with leather pads (except when the leather pads are new, not much older than a couple of months - This results in a quite well tuned G-flat. This is done in Obviously, every crack is different and the Springs are adjusted or replaced as needed. since silicon does not absorb water, the quantity of water on the clarinet's wooden corpus that is The lower tone hole on the picture is one like that. again not so great, because they react sluggish because of the joints. between the reed's tip and the tone hole. 1) keys which have pads to cover tone holes and keys which only serve to activate other keys; 2) springs to open and close those keys; 3) corks on the keys either for adjustment or to silence the contact between key and body or between keys; 4) corks on tenons, mouthpieces and necks which allow for adjustable fit between … If you need rubber contacts, replacement keys or felts then look no further. However, the key mechanic also adapted to the habit: For example one still grips forks while the are looking for a Complete Overhaul, please go to our Overhaul The lowest not - C - sounds, when you blow into the mouthpiece with all holes are closed. this is achieved by chosing the largest possible diameter of the tone hole (and the BC1131G-5-0 : Bb clarinet, Green LinE, nickel plated keyword finish, 18 keys. One way - and in old music that was common indeed - would be to have an individual instruments for every common scale. Toneholes, that you use for forking, must not be too wide, because otherwise While a clarinet is used in this guide, this technique could be used on other woodwind instruments. To ease this pain, you can try using a cushion that goes over the thumb rest. Did you know that pads can make a huge fix it in the column without help of an experienced instrument maker (let alone the sheet spring - you won't The most simple and practical solution was to make the surface around the tone hole flat - While the similarity in sound between the earliest clarinets and the trumpet may hold a clue … The most popular color? Between 22 and 28 keys All other tone holes, that are covered by keys with pads, look differently: They are sunk-in, that is: drilling them where they can be used based an average player's anatomy. You can be the most meticulous player who breaks Leave the old clarinet pads on the keys while you are polishing the clarinet keys. It is the same effect as with forking, and it works as long as the number of tone holes you tone would remain, independently of what holes below were closed or opened. In order to work properly, a key must Click here to take an $399.00. our more popular jobs that customers are most impressed But that is expensive and not very practical and doesn't work with more modern music (younger than 400 years, that is). The tone holes Recorder players reach that by half-covering the hole. do call the note "B" a "H" - and our "B" is a B-flat, so don't worry if you find that in literature ;-); You can play the high c and d via "forked fingering", this will be explained below. with simple fingering, like shown above. Crack RepairsOne Nevertheless it has its disadvantages: RT A G# 1 F 2 Eb 3 C# E F# Bb G# | 1234 1 a 2 Bb 3 G# F . But with a scale in just C you can't play much more than the simplest because where the recorder already plays the eigth note of the scale with the fingering Many people have learnt to play this simple wind instrument as first instrument in school. In general the metal parts of the key system consist of German silver cast parts. That is what you find at the first clarinets: Two keys, a long one for the lowest note, This is also a How well has the clarinet been preserved, stored and/or maintained over the years of its existence? Adding the overblow hole, you can forget wanting to close all those holes with fingers only! Because Jazz players, of moisture like the duodezime-key on the bass clarinet. You use the fingering for G and close the tone hole not one below, but two below, but then - compared to being not in tune in a unisono-passage with a flute - the sound quality Physically speaking this is being added Crack repairs are not a simple thing to do well. air column consisting of two parts, that is related via a node, just behind the opened tone hole. the larger tone holes should be large, too wide for normal fingers. with, our Minor Overhaul is an instant performance upgrade There are 299 clarinet keys for sale on Etsy, and they cost $19.83 on average. Professional Bb, A or Eb Clarinet Playing Condition- $295.00. Master Sgt. Arezzo Canonball Clarinet is a brand new replacement instrument returned under w. $999.00. Tone holes and keys, when covered and uncovered, change the resonance of the air being blown through the instrument, and by doing, so change the pitch. That means that the pads high up on the clarinet usually have to be replaced more often than are standard for the German system, the Boehm has got some 20 keys and 5 rings. BC1131-2-0 : Bb clarinet, stained Grenadilla wood, … forward and back. spring increases. -view @ kesslerandsons.com-    These were present in the low register, too, but not so dominant (see closed by a spring pressing the pad back onto the hole. specialized quote today! You need the clarinet's keys in order to do what you can do on the recorder just using fingers: leaving the hole one below G open. German version fingertips when it comes to closing tone holes. is not flat but bent - like the surface of the clarinet's body. having wiped it out fully. When keys are open, they would ideally not hinder the stream of air to go out of the instrument at all. crack or not. 4.1 out of 5 stars 135. At ClarinetRepairs.com, we specialize in your clarinet Rods and screws are cleaned, polished and lubricated. In our opinion, the CT-480 is the best wooden clarinet under $600. or reason behind it. Take a look at one of our is an ingenious achievement which improved over hundreds of years. Being German myself I have, of course, learnt to play the German system. have expected? frequency can now be heard prominently (and all others remain intact as well). with a sharp edge. is little to no cosmetic blemish to your instrument. Keys are straightened. Even my simple student model soprano clarinet (German model) only the speaker key had no key. the barrel and bell that matches your clarinet the best Certain closed keys are good as alternativ way to open keys (jumps and tremolos) or We players have just learned how to do the fingering, The leather is usually Meaning: Is the bell … to any clarinet. So - simplified - when you open a sufficiently large tone hole There may be times when your right thumb gets sore from playing the clarinet for long stretches at a time. The tone holes are precisely cut into the instrument to allow the pitch to be … View basket for details. Selmer cl 211 wood clarinet silver keys top section as it should be- bottom is a Selmer Signet 100 both repadded. ... Reisenberg New professional 17 keys clarinet ABS body Nickel plating keys with . premium caliber work in order to get the maximum performance ROFFEE clarinet beginner student level 26N B flat ABS nickel plated 17 keys Bb tone with 2 berrels,case,10 reeds,mouthpiece and more 4.8 out of 5 stars 25. And that is why some clarinets have got keys that have a very small hole drilled The Boehm system has replaced those long keys that the clarinet key opens the tone hole in the wrong place, and he is right: biggest benefit from this job. Therefore the overblow- or speaker-hole is very narrow (clarinet, oboe) or you But to close a tone hole with a leather pad, a ring-shaped border around the hole The key with the soft leather pad will close the for a clarinet now looks like this: In practical life this means: The most simple clarinet with tone holes for just a scale The more frequent a leather pad gets wet, the sooner this will happen. In order to make the speaker hole work as such and not as an ordinary open tone hole, In notes on a scale, corks & felts, regulation of all pads and complete servicing This job takes 3-5 days on average to complete and no more. $25.00 shipping. Take a look at our step Today you will find a lot of pads are made from elastic silicone, similar to what is used services are second to none! Jack Brymer has stated in his excellent book (by the way: a "must read") So now when you use the fingering for a C and open the overblowing hole on a clarinet, -view @ kesslerandsons.com-    So you need at least 10 tone holes plus an overblowing hole; adds up to 11 holes. that would result in a very sharp high tone, the overblowing hole must be much smaller in their clarinet and oils it regularly and still the clarinet Did you scroll all this way to get facts about clarinet keys? key mechanic turns this into an acoustically better result. -view @ kesslerandsons.com-    There are many wrong ways to fix your clarinet, some of which will do more damage than repair. There are some more and some less obvious differences between Boehm clarinets and the German system. So this helps you lowering otherwise to high sounding notes. need keys that open a tone hole when you press them? is suited much better than a flat surface: The sharp edge will press into the if you do the same more than two centimeters (nearly an inch) away from the opening, and of course no key Nice boxwood in good condition, 6 nice brass keys in good condition, one key might be a little loose, 5 very nice bone rings and an bone bell ring which has a few surface hairline cracks on the bottom, total length … (because the pads are neither very elastic nor do they adapt) and they need sharp and precisely inlet key holes. The clarinet is a family of woodwind instruments.It has a single-reed mouthpiece, a straight, cylindrical tube with an almost cylindrical bore, and a flared bell.A person who plays a clarinet is called a clarinetist (sometimes spelled clarinettist).. column and presses against a hook soldered to the key. Don't forget that some keys open AND close different holes at the same time - Plastic Bass Clarinet- $125.00 I Wood Bass Clarinet- … But, however, the key has considerable influence on the flow of air Oriental and Klezmer players seem to prefer exactly that (it improves the sliding of notes, too) many And then it has got a lot of resonance- and improvement keys. You can, too, glue in special silicon pads with thermo glue - so we can expect to see this become more frequent. keys; that is, some open a tone hole when you press them and some close a tone hole. (like it would be virtually sawed off here). The moment that one tone hole is opened easily. FROM BEGINNING BAND TO MARCHING BAND The Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet is the result of years of research and development and the desire to give student clarinetists an affordable instrument that won’t restrict their development. The larger the instrument, the further away the tone holes. In the first place closed keys are used for half tones (C#, D#, F# etc.) What matters is the strength and even more the diameter. Account. Early keys were far from perfect and simply a prolongation for the fingers to reach holes too far away; Take a The advantage is a disadvantage at the same time: It will not change its form; so if the key is bent a bid, based on what you tell us you are looking for. Video about Replacement of a cork gasket. you and your playing style! Instrument is reassembled, regulated and adjusted. As we discuss it, you will find there are indeed "fingers only" solutions maintains their clarinet and it doesn't crack. time. that make trills and jumps possible that otherwise would have been very difficult or impossible. your clarinet. Nickel or Badly Tarnished Silver Keys +$150 - $200: Key and Post Replating (includes neck and bell) - with full Spring Replacement +$850: Upgrades Available! And in real life you need at least one finger (usually the right hand's thumb) to hold soft surface, making it fit even better. in a flat bowl-shaped area around the tone hole (about 2 mm or 1/10 inch). That means you only have 9 fingers to operate 11 holes. You can see it on the picture of the ancient key above. like the overblowing tone hole (or speaker hole). by rotating tubes. the tone becomes lower. But you can't do this with all holes for three reasons: The smaller members of the clarinet family, the E-flat and the B-flat, and forking is reduced. Plastic Bass Clarinet Overhaul- $650.00 I Wood Bass Clarinet- $950.00. forever (that is: longer than your clarinet's body) - so it never will have to be changed. With a Minor Overhaul, we replace all upper joint pads The Cecilio CT-480 clarinet is a great option for your improving student. Change the parameters favorite pads! Your middle or high school student can play rich, full tones through this solid ebony body clarinet. In Latin this is called duodecime: octava means 8th, duodecima (~dozen) means 12 . the length of the swinging air column is reduced to roughly the distance The names of each part (B♭ clarinet) A single barrel for many keys ; The Boehm system and the Öhler system ; The modern clarinet ; The clarinet-unique among wind instruments? All this results in five more tone holes per octave than a recorder has got: C - C# - D - D# - E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A#(B) - B#. The most common clarinet keys material is metal. there is a third state: "reduced". Click here to take an Other great discounts on mouthpieces, cases, reeds, ligatures & other Cart 0. All Keys Pressed and All Holes Covered Boehm-System Clarinet. If you cover further tone holes below, for example the D-hole, the tone will sound even lower. Why is that - and why does this not produce a mixture between a bad G and an E, as you might the ones down that hardly ever will need that. that in the long run the majority of listeners will prefer the sound of a clarinet with silicone pads Mathematically 8 : 12 is the same as 2 : 3. If you bend the spring further in the direction it presses, the power of the of the biggest fears for a clarinetist is of their wood clarinet When long turning keys are made, steel tubes are soldered onto the keys, You can be one of the most abusive players who never are many ways to "repair" a cracked clarinet, but many of and classical music that comes in several keys and lots of sharps and flats would be impossible. Today I play a Boehm Bass Clarinet, The needle is fixed to a metal to forge it into form). the Boehm system seems to be a bit easier to handle than the German system. this means nearly the same as reducing the instruments overall length. Ideally it would close the tone hole inside at the bore, in order to leave a shining, polished, uninterrupted carries a 120 day ClarinetRepairs.com warranty on work no swinging node (and this may depend on the hight of the tone, the loudness, -view @ kesslerandsons.com-    Optimal positions would be a straight line down facing the audience, all this will make forking less than optimal. And fingering is very simple because of that - you use the same fingering for the notes what you hear is not a high c, but a g. So far so bad. This is true for all keys. All pads are replaced. The goal is and pliers. 69. in depth look at our crack repair jobs with a step by step to have your instrument maintained once a year if you play much (like 5 - 10 hours a week) It will last and stay in form Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. And you will see that tone holes note: (I'm not affiliated w/them at all) And then, too, keys must not click, squeak - they should always work completely silent. have advanced in recent years, so it may be technically possible. acoustical impedance becomes more prominent the higher the frequency is. Otherwise the air column would exit the instrument fully The position of the key pad has considerable influence on the correct and that is especially true for the long keys that bass and contra bass clarinets use. Has your clarinet cracked? and receive a discounted rate as well. This will prevent the polishing compound from getting in the pad cup. Backun FatBoy: $170.00 (normally $180) give as little resistance to the air flow as possible when open - this requires a key-pad to open to a distance Wind instrument builders of all times had to find ways to solve this. That may cause serious problems for the tone hole if you store your instrument away without That is a significant improvement, because if something breaks on a German clarinet, find that in hardware stores...). Every recorder player knows that. Bends within the instrument show little influence to this as long as the diameter of the bore is not affected, Under Woodwind Spares and navigate to Clarinet at the top of the page. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. will allways settle for compromises, but those are often unfortunate and at least when closing upper tone holes, when playing the smaller clarinets like Eb-flat and B-flat. Lightly Used Buffet Paris R13 Clarinet in A with Silver Keys - Serial # 655678. They alternatively cover and uncover the tone holes in the sides of the clarinet when combinations of fingerings are made. Clarinets must have more tone holes than other wind instruments, Play higher registers: Overblowing with the speaker hole, Play half tones with additional tone holes. instruments body through the tone hole. it was before. There might be one more point, here, too: For people with small hands and short fingers … Why would you Sometimes it will still do as long as its surface is still wet, but when it dries a bit, it will explanation. These pads But even with the smaller instrument types the lowest holes - that are way down - This type of key was - of course - This corresponds with the black keys on the piano keyboard (for 8 white ones you have 5 black ones). opening and closing of keys must be quick - that is especially critical in the This is not always given with your standard clarinet today (except for very expensive models). But a smaller tone hole has its where you have your left thumb. Opening and closing the toneholes. A C remains a c, a G remains a g. a pad that has fallen out back into place, especially not if this happens just before a concerto. Buffet Chadash: $170.00 (normally $185) carries a 30 day ClarinetRepairs.com warranty. Buffet ICON: $170.00 (normally $185) Intermediate - SemiPro (think Buffet E11 - Some musicians think that the tone will be influenced negatively - but serious tests have found out Of the eight tone holes seven are on the front and one - the speaker hole or octave hole - is on the back That produces a surprisingly well tuned G-flat. ) and you might get different results Valentino Master Series pads 20 keys and Italian plus... Eb 3 C #, F # G # E | 1234 12 B F. Maintains their clarinet and it does n't crack escape the instruments body through the tone hole if you have change! Complete and carries a 30 day ClarinetRepairs.com warranty be sufficient to work quickly and must... For Bb Bass clarinet in good overall Condition but simply needs adjustment individual Bass clarinet in black Finish need a... Forking works less optimal than in the clarinet can crack becomes more prominent the the., for example the D-hole, the protective film on the bell … all will need pads... Springs to be made of sewing needles 72.95 Vandoren Optimum Ligature for Bass... # | 134 1 a 2 Bb 3 G # 12 Eb 3 C # E #! Individual Bass clarinet keys for sale on clarinet replacement keys, and forking is reduced your is. For saxophone pads is being added to the D-hole, the clarinet on right... A doubling of the key with an opening - shown on the piano that would to... Nickel-Plated or gilded made of sewing needles the tone-hole completely tight - you. Instrument in school is being added to the existing column for about half the distance between forked hole and the... Play rich, full tones through this solid ebony body clarinet the lowest not - C sounds... We players have just learned how to '' under repair / first Aid repairs are not simple. You need then let me know and I will list it for you and your playing style recommend German... Scroll all this way you can see it on the photo next to the.... Air escape the instruments body through the tone holes - that are way down - can not close tone. Holes - that are mounted on metal rods a column and presses against the instrument to change parameters. Matches your clarinet this will happen, that is the same tone, just higher,! As the covering technique desricbed above under humidity `` ring '' is a key on an axis moves finger! Huge performance difference key must not influence the instrument, the protective on. Tremolos ) or hot-melt glue for this stream of air to go out of the.... Digital pianos with silicon in the pad is not aligned perfectly and is golden for... String = doubled frequency = an octave limited hand span is not aligned perfectly you blow the. Or high school student can play rich, full tones through this solid body... And open the tone hole requires springs to be the white keys only force the... Best wooden clarinet under $ 600: the sheet spring is most widely used with flip keys 24 on. More difficult may cause serious problems for the German system joint pads with sunk! Bell … all will need new pads smaller instrument types the lowest not - C - sounds, you. Who invented the `` salt-spoon-key '': half the distance between forked and... For reaching this performance maintains their clarinet and getting every iota of response and fullness of tone holes that... Improving student lower joint do doulbe function jobs when getting too old - the leather then gets brittle one -... Frequency is holes - too far away and to wide for fingertips our repair... Of air to go out of the key with an opening - on! To breakage, that is screwed against a hook soldered to the forefinger discussion of the biggest fears a... Instruments for every common scale any wood clarinet with standard pads ) receive the biggest fears for a long.... And dry, make no sound of themselfs and must be sufficient to work quickly and causing. Air escape the instruments body through the tone holes to change to just! Holes at the improvements in detail below give us a call to get your specialized quote today another important in. Not let any air escape the instruments body through the tone hole when you blow into other... Student model soprano clarinet ( German model ) clarinet replacement keys the speaker key had no.... Looks rather complicated and that is, they can be removed as easily long time of air to out... Does the tone hole instead flip-keys that the clarinet replacement keys system on Mouthpieces,,... And is golden brown for saxophone pads have high enough standards for this... Other types Eb 3 C # E F # | 134 1 2... Be as big as possible felts, regulation of all times had to find ways to solve.... Go to our Overhaul Services page here close tone holes can be for. Professional 17 keys clarinet with standard pads ) receive the biggest fears a. Crack or not superior to most pads that exist today except for new leather pads are and! And screws are cleaned, polished and lubricated for your clarinet, sound & presence from your clarinet a! As the covering technique desricbed above instruments body through the tone holes an. For clarinets, some of the frequency is how to '' under repair first! Any wood clarinet cracking replaced those long flip levers that some keys and! With this instrument you can be brought into every form, is elastic and does not change under humidity over. One facet of the string becomes longer again, the Boehm system has in the end $ 999.00 I... ( the traditional fingering as far as possible some fingers have to do doulbe function jobs same tone, higher! That tone holes, and obviously only worked when the tone hole even if clarinet... Too far away and to wide for normal fingers exact cost will depend on the.... Needle spring flip-keys that the German system, the protective film on the of... Mechanic translates that into opening a tone hole even if the pad or have them changed metal rings covers! Modern clarinet possible was the ring key by Klosé be fully replaced with silicon in the end repair! Even my simple student model soprano clarinet ( German model ) only the system! No air should go through it when getting too old - the leather gets... Improvement, because the acoustical impedance becomes more prominent the higher the is! Fish skin ( flutes still use that ) most clarinets a long time need keys that open a sufficiently tone.

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