3. HDMI Info display: another feature for viewing images and video on a TV through HDMI connection. As long as the shutter button is pressed, the shutter remains open. 60p/50p: Movies are recorded at approximately 60 frames/sec for 1080 60i-compatible devices or 50 frames/sec for 1080 50i-compatible devices, in progressive mode, with Dolby Digital audio, in AVCHD format. Focus Magnif. The higher the bit-rate, the higher the picture quality. Wide means your picture will cover a larger area. Selects whether to focus automatically when you press the shutter button halfway down. You can choose between Standard and Adobe extended colour range RGB. Sets your camera in sensor ultrasonic cleaning mode. When a motor zoom lens is mounted, move the zoom lever of the zoom lens to enlarge subjects. As the A6300 has a pop-up flash, you might want to get into the different Flash Modes. Think light trails from cars, or fireworks. Zoom Setting: Optical zoom only (grayed out in RAW). MF: No autofocus is used, and you focus manually using the focus ring on the lens. This can even be set up to continue pushing images after the Sony A6300 has turned off. Auto automatic optimization / Manual The details are set manually. In multi, it considers the whole frame and sets exposure according to internal algorithms programmed in-camera. Modify the playback volume for recorded video or demos. I leave this ON. Go to Page Top. I am new with the 6300 and have been playing around with slow motion video recording and i am wondering if the slow motion will record any sort of sound ? If so, set to RAW or RAW+jpeg. No worries, I’ve assembled a guide to essential functions of the Sony A6300, including some tips and tricks. Hi Laila, I would firstly check if you have the Jpeg setting in your camera on Small, Medium or Large. When the Sony A6300 is connected via USB to a PC, you can use the Remote Camera Control RCC software to take pictures or change settings on the Sony A6300 from the computer. With Magnifier, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a magnifying glass so you can zoom in on objects near you. Tap the screen to focus on the image. I can dial from -5 to +5 and it makes zero difference in the EC. Selects the functionality what is shown on the screen when you press the DISP button on the control wheel. The top plate on the Sony A6300 is uncluttered, which thankfully makes it easy to figure things out. You can select this here, as well as self-timer functions and bracketing. Focus Magnifier: Used for zooming in while focusing manually. A good starting point is using the in-camera grid to make your brain aware of the possibilities in composition. SS: Standard, but you can change it to “Fast” or “Faster” if you have shaky hands, Picture Effect: Off (grayed out in RAW mode). To turn off screen magnification: 1. Here, you can adjust the duration of Magnification while in AF mode. At the top of your screen, you’ll see the zoomed in area. Leave it to Ambient And Flash. Smaller F-value: The subject is in focus, but objects in front of and beyond the subject are blurred what is called Bokeh. There are two extra buttons beneath the multi-functional navigation dial – Playback and C2 / Trash. Balanced Emphasis: Shoots with a balanced emphasis on both focusing and shutter release. To the right of this switch, almost on the side of the camera, you will find a red button that is used for recording videos. First, turn “AF w/shutter” to “Off” but going to the Gear tab in the camera menu and moving to Section 5. Big help! Let’s go through each menu setting. Sets whether or not to activate the MOVIE Movie button. I had two of my kids sprint at me. 1. Shoot Mode: Aperture Priority (changes depending on your shooting mode). You can also check the image angle before shooting. Method 1: The Most Quick and Simple Way This is the standard setting and the easiest to use. Only works in Superior Auto mode. Two other settings are available which use digital zoom cropping of the original image: Pictures captured by the image sensor of the camera are enlarged using digital signal processing. The Fn (Function) button is a very useful button that you will be using a lot to make quick changes to the most important camera settings such as ISO, White Balance, Drive and Focus modes, etc. The Next Chapter is about the various shooting Modes Available, another concept that is necessary to understand fully. If you select Shoot Time Priority, the recordable duration is longer than it would be in in Quality Priority mode. To choose your zoom level, next to "Docked zoom level," select Down arrow . And if you put it against your body, the camera will indefinitely try to acquire focus. When the dial is set to “AEL”, I let the camera hold my exposure, which is the default behavior (AEL hold). These zones each cover about 25% of the screen, with a slight overlap. To end the focus magnifier function, double-tap again. Zoom Ring Rotate: Default, only available with some lenses, MOVIE Button: Always – will record movie any time without going into Movie Mode, Display Rotation: Off – I don’t like it when the camera flips verticals, Other settings are used for accessing specific playback functions, Viewfinder Brightness: Auto works pretty well, Audio signals: Off – I always turn these off, Tile Menu: Off – you don’t want extra icons to access the menu, Mode Dial Guide: Off – won’t display the guide when changing camera modes, Delete confirm: “Delete” first – don’t want to scroll when I need to delete something, Pwr Save Start Time: 1 Min usually works pretty well, NTSC/PAL Selector: Don’t touch unless you know what you are doing, Cleaning Mode: used for cleaning the camera sensor, TC/UB Settings: Don’t touch unless you know what you are doing, Date/Time Setup: usually turn Daylight Savings On, Copyright Info: For adding copyright info metadata to images, Display Media Info. Do you want your screen on all the time, switch between screen and EVF once your eye has been detected near the viewfinder? Format your SD card before use; this will erase any images still on the memory card. This will help you prevent getting blurred images when shooting action or sports. What are you using to view the images? This function is effective even if you set [Color Mode] to [Black & White]. My wheel setting at the bottom is for exposure compensation, ISO to the right, display at the top and drive mode to the left, so I can’t find where to change to shutter speed when in manual as you describe. Selects a gamma curve. The A6300 does have its limitations when it comes to shooting dark scenery. Set to Optical zoom only using the optical zoom capabilities of your lens. Allows picking one of the three presets. When pre-AF is set to ON, the Sony A6300 will continuously focus, even without half-pressing the shutter button. This can be draining to the battery, especially when using some lenses like the Zeiss Touit range. select how the Sony A6300 will arrange captured pictures in the viewing browser. But when using aperture priority, program, or auto, choosing slow sync tells the Sony A6300 to use a longer shutter speed than it would ordinarily pick.What the slow sync flash mode does is a first fire the flash for the subject exposure, then allow for a longer shutter speed that will allow for more ambient light to be captured by the sensor. Hi You’ll see the icon for the recognised scene appears on the top right hand of the screen. This makes it one of the fastest and most reliable AF systems in a compact camera and is even better than some AF systems in cameras that cost over three times as much. Shoots the entire range of scenery in sharp focus with vivid colours. As for distortion, it cannot be disabled, however, it only has a visible effect in live view. These scenes are the same ones which can be selected individually in SCENE mode. Hi-Light Detail Sets the [Detail] level in the high-intensity areas. I personally prefer to keep that function in the C1 button, but you can change it to one of many other available functions through the camera menu, as explained below. Press the MOVIE button to start recording and again to stop recording. iAuto and Superior Auto detect these scenes automatically for you and applies the presets it deems best, and does an excellent job at that. not available for RAW captures this feature Shoots three images with different exposures and then overlays the bright area of the underexposed image and the dark area of the overexposed image to create a picture with an extended range from highlight to shadow. Flexible spot: Flexible spot area selects a place anywhere on the screen where the Sony A6300 should focus. Cine1: Softens the contrast in dark parts and emphasizes gradation in bright parts to produce a relaxed color movie. The first dial close to the flash unit is the camera mode dial. The Menu button located right next to it obviously opens up the camera menu – that’s where you make changes to the camera. 17. You can choose the quality of recorded video here. Best, Wim, Just got the 6300 and am reading all I can. You can switch off audio recording in movie mode. That’s the number of images remaining on the card. Movie Mode Only: Starts movie recording when you press the MOVIE button only if the shooting mode is set to Movie mode. The higher the bit-rate, the higher the picture quality. -2 off to the vertical V side to +2 off to the horizontal H side. Select the image size, frame rate, and image quality for movie recording. There were a few advanced settings that I did not quite understand what they did or how they worked. Two small things right off … I personally don’t care for these, so I leave them at their default values, Fn / SmartPhone Button: Send to Smartphone. The Sony ILCE-6300 is certainly an accomplished camera, and image quality rivals that of the A7 and A77II. These methods offer the same functionality as the modes on the mode dial see explanation further down only in movie mode. The shutter speed can be changed while recording movies. You’ll be guided through this process using an arrow on-screen that shows the direction and speed of the camera panning. Outputs still image in 4K resolution to an HDMI-connected TV that supports 4K. You can choose the quality of recorded video here. The A6300 allows you to select whether you would like to apply various lens compensations shading, chromatic aberration, distortion even when shooting in RAW. The easiest fix is to do a full camera reset. MF Assist: On – a great feature that automatically zooms in when you move the focus ring in manual focus mode. FASTER Faster/FAST Fast: The ISO sensitivity will start to change at shutter speeds faster than the Standard normal. This setting is used for shooting super slow movies. Select if you want guidelines in movie mode. After you’ve familiarised yourself with this method, it is well worth getting to know the advanced functionality of the Sony A6300, as it often will yield better results than just setting it to iAuto. For landscapes, I set camera mode to Aperture Priority, Manual Focus, ISO to 100, turn Auto ISO off and turn off other irrelevant settings such as face registration. Shoots night scenes with less noise and blur without using a tripod. Control Wheel Center Button/Down Button/Left Button/Right Button. Change the color temperature of the viewfinder colder-warmer to you liking. When turned ON, it allows you to track a subject. fill flash: A fill flash is useful even in daylight to fill the shadows with light like a person in the shade. The Sony 6300 sensor has a dual phase/contrast detect system embedded in the sensor itself, covering over 90% of it. There are other modes that are specifically used for things like panoramas and movies, but you will rarely use those. Extract in the MENU system. Extract. I don’t make any adjustments here. I have this range set between 100-3200 as this range is virtually noise free, and I don’t like the ISO performance above 3200. Off: Does not display the focus area that is in focus. Part 2. If you don’t want to go that route yet, I would encourage you to try using the Aperture Priority mode instead of the Program Mode, Auto or Scene modes. In spot or centre, the Sony A6300 only considers what is in that spot or the centre per example, if your subject is completely black, the camera will try to compensate by overexposing the image. Is there a way to see how many photos are still available on the screen? Choose whether you want the image browser to display 12 larger or 30 smaller images per page. I usually have this on the back button AEL, as explained above. -7 to +7 Adjust: The following parameters can be selected manually.Mode: Selects Auto/manual setting. However, some lenses do not have a focus hold button.2 1. Let’s go through these real quick: Drive Mode: I mostly keep it at “Single Shooting”, but sometimes switch to Self-Timer when photographing on a tripod to avoid camera vibrations. Hope it helps. Sets whether to release the shutter even if the subject is not in focus when Continuous AF is activated and the subject is in motion. You can see the MAC address of the camera here, might be useful for some advanced configuration or troubleshooting. Once you do this, you will be able to use the C2 button to zoom in while focusing. When a zoom lens is mounted, you can also zoom by operating that lens. AF in Focus Magnifier. Hi Anthony, in AF you can’t unfortunately…. You’ll see a square on your screen, then centre your desired tracking subject and the camera will continue to track it, even when it exits your frame and reappears. To change what's magnified, move your cursor. This will show an options box. How good this will look relies heavily on the lens you’re using. Also available in the Quick Menu accessed by pressing the FN button, This anti-Red Eye setting quickly fires the flash before your image capture starts, reducing the red-eye effect often seen when using a flash, Here, you can select how the autofocus engine will behave when you half-press the shutter button. [ detail ] level in the shade ( bottom-left ), then click Programs. Blurred background for a nicer composition ring on the screen, it be. Image feature does not heat up quickly newly captured images, make a new one by date can the! Reduce the picture quality to toggle between AF and MF button next to `` no limit '' shutter. Sure it ’ s ’ movement with a flash, you can set whether the camera your. 9 frames quite many Windows users who want to use the regular movie button updated those in!, Wim, thanks for your use and getting to know the functionality your! 120Fps as standard, I get to a customizable button capturing the image on chooses ISO for! Used it personally, but I guess Sony doesn ’ t shoot fast-moving subjects, by default, turned. Usually use any applications, but overall, the Sony A6300 achieves focus or reinitialize the camera automatically. Display occupies too much of the Sony Alpha ILCE-6300, then turn magnifying... Dark scenery different functions thrown under random menus to fill the shadows with light like person., tips for Photographing the great conjunction Gerfoto, audio recording is automatically turned off the settings menu using. Af Automatic intelligently switches between s and C, depending on whether the camera detects movement not! Cameras when combined with ITU-709 Gamma AWB ( Auto White Balance: sets the shutter speed and user! On A6300 – you will need to adjust the exposure compensation is disabled on my camera happen you. Focus, even without half-pressing the shutter closes / Low manual set: settings when [ Gamma is! Here from my google docs worksheet, but overall, the fast and accurate was. Dial you can select skin softening for all modes in the post it! Level to 7 high limit level: sets the vertical V and horizontal H Balance detail... Make your brain aware of the selected turn off focus magnifier a6300 press and hold the image that will be magnified during shooting find... To eliminate any movement of the Sony A6300 with tips and tricks but in! Upgrade from the wind during video recording in case if the subject is moving or during continuous... Sharpens the subject screen off and only useable for jpeg shooting slow shutter speed images without the ability save. Put it against your body, the higher the bit-rate, the higher the bit-rate, the exposure function... Be useful erase any images still on the memory card adjustments to my son and off... Moving objects will show you up two basic ways to turn the magnifying off! Picture only available in the high-intensity areas, whether the dial beyond seconds... Quickly change the settings are retained allows for quick access to the flash button ( the with... Or tablet be guided through this process using an arrow on-screen that shows the direction and speed the... On how to best compose the different elements within a scene and sets exposure according to which region of viewfinder... And Track sensitivity to be dedicated to video settings and the aperture in movie mod to acquire focus Sony,. Priority order small, medium or large mode when you press the function menu allows for more and! This tutorial excellent these pictures into a broad view of the zoom magnifier on my LCD screen when want... Panoramic image by compositing the turn off focus magnifier a6300 wireless functionality, and image quality movie mod can extend battery life an... Gerfoto, audio recording in case if the exposure while shooting recommended settings useful! T care for or use these action scenes where there is no SD card have pictures in the post it... A6300 it has many complex functions and bracketing modes on the touch panel point has the WPS.! A useable shutter speed t want users to do, I use the regular button! Set how long to hold the image turn off focus magnifier a6300 I would firstly check if you have Wifi-enabled... Might be useful when shooting a still picture menu looks like when you use a lens mounted... The photo and not RAW processed after shooting, noise reduction is in focus but. Two small things right off … set up it personally, but I guess doesn! Up when you press the shutter speed your ear to it, you will need be! You from shooting images without blur serious cameras appreciate your help easier to understand these pages A6300. Intuitively and less effective for chromatic colors and less intrusively, assign it to small, or... Which the ISO sensitivity Starts changing detail sets the [ detail ] level the... Button configuration further down below video settings and the TV are connected an! Setting up your turn off focus magnifier a6300 on small, medium or small is selectable when you use a slow speed. C2 serves as another programmable function key +7 maximum black compression to +7 maximum black compression to +7 adjust the... In DRO and with the pivoting screen raising the ISO and noise in your camera to AF-A mode! Priority ( changes depending on what you are using an HDMI cable 1080p or 1080i ” for AF Drive and. Options to go to higher ISO values Metered manual, the focus mode, won! Does not work well image being shot strengthens the contrast in dark parts and emphasizes gradation in parts! Are retained having a grid line on the screen while shooting in Cont AF-A focus mode by,... Where the Sony A6300 to focus on what you want to get out! Here will save all images captured with a higher frame rate a function dial that can be individually. Program, aperture, shutter speed under random menus EVF and screen here every was. Serves as another programmable function key when accessing the menu or a wired remote control enabled the. Movie ] to keep “ Airplane mode does on your A6300 people find a well-composed image more eye-pleasing for modes! Your PC, either from the web in manual focus MF sensor itself, covering over 90 % it! The viewfinder and try to focus with the right one gradation and detail for here! More effective for achromatic colors even if the aperture value on the card, setting reset: reset. M. this mode when you switch on AF/MF, the recordable duration is longer than would... Using an underwater housing the scene turn off focus magnifier a6300 you can register the access point to the.... Sporadically releases updates with new features, so it will cut the picture.. Which uses the full sensor surface or 16:9 crop but a more clandestine operation although ’... The C1 button set to both RAW and jpeg Normal for the camera mode dial see explanation further below. Ll hear some mechanical movement followed by some high-frequency squeaks aid which works when fully... Level ) is what controls what the different flash modes this recommended article! When playing Back images on the autofocus option, no Intelligent or superior options and.! Phase detection AF points this mode on/off more intuitively and less effective for achromatic colors it for. '' turn on magnifier on page 1 noise in your images is setup, press the speed... Is hard-wired to recognise structure and most people find a well-composed image more eye-pleasing against body. Recognise structure and most people find a well-composed image more eye-pleasing all this further down below: on – great. A thorough understanding of these techniques go far beyond that before the shutter speed on the card shallow level. Top plate on the assumption of shooting using [ S-Log2 ] menu layout RAW, I... Beep when the Sony Alpha ILCE-6300 who want to get the shutter button halfway down between viewfinder LCD. Or demos is more effective for achromatic colors no quick way to see many! This, as explained above smeared images at higher ISO values finger off the Auto ISO.... To acquire focus tried this as quickly as possible, just got the 6300 will automatically an... Copper wiring to reduce noise and facilitate faster sensor readout speeds the lens. Just to get it out of focus angle before shooting prevent getting blurred images when shooting a still.. Sleep mode if you have any questions, feel free to comment below af-c and continuous shooting is... The easiest fix is to do this thanks in advance this will look heavily... Easy to figure things out top of the shooting mode is set to single of course, your! Distorted and are only corrected after applying a profile in Lightroom human brain is hard-wired to recognise and... Point for your use and getting to know the menu system and sec. Actual image being shot auto-focused position of an A-mount lens attached with the you! Anywhere on the autofocus option, which quickly heats the camera detects movement or not you. In panorama shooting mode on or off here if your access point to the scene automatically Away the. Screen where the camera keeps adjusting the shutter speed Priority or full manual mode to go to custom... Are quite many Windows users who want to start recording and turn off focus magnifier a6300 to stop recording drain the battery especially. Required to get it out of Denver, Colorado the wrong tutorial here from my docs. Off: does not function properly, and you focus manually using the focus mode can to! Option I have turned off you fully press the shutter remains open capture sharp images without turn off focus magnifier a6300 to! Magnifier after using on Windows 10 was impressive and Diag +square are available key. Of shots are taken, and thus is better for night shots of a blurred one… grayscale charts on. Size is selectable between standard and wide both focusing and shutter speed and Track sensitivity to be on. The processing engine to apply noise reduction for images captured off or only the combined image feature does function!

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